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Household Cleaning

Vagoo Laundry Detergent Sheets

    Quick Details

    Place of Origin:                         Guangdong, China
    Brand Name:                             Vagoo
    Product Name:                          Vagoo Laundry Detergent Sheets
    Use:                                           Clothes
    Ingredient:                                 Surfactant, Fabric Softener, Stabilizer, Fragrance Factor.
    Form:                                         Sheet
    Supply Type:                              OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
    Available Quantity:                    10000 pcs
    Effect:                                        This product is as thin as paper and easy to carry. Adopting efficient concentration 
                                                      and instant-dissolving technology, it can be quickly dissolved in both hot and cold 
                                                      water, releasing powerful cleaning factors to easily remove stubborn stains and prevent 
                                                      clothes from turning yellow and hard. Mild formula, does not hurt clothes or hands. 
                                                      After use, clothes will be clean as new and have a long-lasting fragrance.
    Net:                                           30 Sheets
    Usage:                                      Machine wash:
                                                      1.Put the clothes in the washing machine.
                                                      2.Place the laundry tablets on the clothes.
                                                      3.Start the washing.
                                                      Hand wash:
                                                      1.Soak clothes and vagoo together.
                                                      2.Start the washing.

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